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One of my favorite songs for the past few weeks. 

The greatest compliment we can give Derek Jeter, as he prepares to leave the grandest stage in baseball, is that he never let us down. He has made thousands of outs and hundreds of errors and finished most of his seasons without a championship. Yet he never disappointed us.
If ideas go anywhere, it is because other people carry them.

Love this Kavinsky cover

Some new stuff by madeinheights. Always enjoy the beats

Love this talk from Zach Klein from the Do Lectures. Especially his closing:

"Do something valuable. And. Solve worthy challenges, contribute to culture, help make your employees’ lives interesting, stand up for what’s important, and behave as if you’re company is going to be here 100 years from now."

New Release - Debut album from St. Lucia

This sound was made for Fall

Love this partnership between FiftyThree (maker of Paper for iPad) and Moleskin